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Compassvale Cres Blk 287A #15-143


Step into the ultra-modern HDB Resale kitchen at Compassvale Cres Blk 287A #15-143, a masterful creation by M-Concept that marries minimalist aesthetics with functional design. The stone marble-type cabinets line the space, their sleek surfaces reflecting the abundance of natural light flowing through the large window. The striking black countertops offer a bold contrast, enhancing the visual intrigue of the space. On the floor, the warmth of the wooden panels is beautifully offset by the cool, chic tones of the silver and chrome accents. With its monochrome palette and bold accents, this kitchen exudes a unique sense of minimalistic luxury, characteristic of M-Concept’s innovative design approach. The design shows a modern kitchen with white cabinets and black countertops. The walls are white, and a large window lets in natural light. The floors are wood, and a chandelier hangs from the ceiling. The kitchen is well-lit and has a modern feel to it. Black-white chrome and silver and stone make a great minimalist monotone with a bold accent.

Compassvale Cres Blk 287A

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