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Jurong East st 32 Blk 322A #08-246


Experience a tranquil retreat in the heart of Jurong East at Blk 322A #08-246, an HDB Resale bedroom meticulously crafted by M-Concept. The serenity of the space is accentuated by the harmonious blend of white walls and ceiling, beautifully complemented by a warm wooden floor. Nestled in the room is a cosy bed adorned with crisp white sheets and a comforting brown comforter, a perfect sanctuary after a long day. Work or study easily with a dedicated desk space featuring a computer and a chic white chair, allowing functionality to meet style. The walls, painted in a subtle shade of light brown, exude a soothing warmth to the senses. The abundance of natural light streaming in through the large window draped with a delicate white curtain further enhanced the room’s ambience. Furnishings in wood with white accents underscore M-Concept’s commitment to marrying simplicity with elegance, creating a bedroom that is a true oasis of calm.

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