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Punggol Drive Blk 654A #18-11


Immerse yourself in the soothing serenity of Punggol Drive Blk 654A #18-11, an HDB flat that encapsulates M-Concept’s vision of organic and cosy modern living. The airy openness of the living room is subtly segmented by a tastefully arranged table and furniture, creating a sense of intimacy without obstructing the flow of space. Light-coloured walls blend seamlessly with the richness of the wooden floors, forming a harmonious canvas for chic and modern furnishings. A plush sofa and chair invite you to unwind, while the large window adorned with a delicate white curtain floods the space with natural light, enhancing the room’s ambience. With M-Concept, every HDB flat is not just a dwelling but a sanctuary of contemporary style and homely comfort.

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